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Working on your practice

while working in your practice

A national and international speaker, dental consultant and practice management leader for today’s dentists and teams in today’s economy. Success through common sense!

“Donna is not only able to “talk”, but also walk the talk. Whether directing the day-to-day operations of a practice first hand, or assessing, co-developing, recommending, and helping with implementation while consulting, she is in her natural elements. I have worked with several consultants over my many years of practice, and find Donna at the top of this group in regards to integrating clinical excellence and financial success.”   -                                        

George Maryniuk DDS

l practices all over the country. I myself have utilized many of Donna’s recommendations for my practice to the greater benefit of the team, the patients and the practice. There is no one else like her. Her energy and enthusiasm is unmatched and infectious. Every chance I have to listen to her, I do. I always learn something valuable.”   -                               

Charles D Samaras  DMD FACD FICD

“If we are talking value then I must say Donna understands the meaning of the word .The results a team will derive from her instruction will catapult any dental office to a greater understanding of the word service and quality both at the clinical and business sides of dentistry. Thank you Donna” -               

Ronald T Plotka DDS

 FREE Video – What are some of the Commonly Missed Revenue Opportunities

In A Dental Practice?

 You can reach Donna by email at sceeziac@aol.com  or by phone at 1-617-549-1281

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